Eve's Orb

Updated: Sep 28, 2021


This is an adventure story following our heroin Claire Davis, on her adventure finding strength in extraordinary circumstances. She will be faced with difficult obstacles that will test her resilience and friendships as she navigates a dystopian future and a harrowing past. It will be told by her as she takes you through each step of her journey. Eve's orb will be published in many sections each week so follow along and strap in as we start her story.

Trigger warning: This part mentions suicide.

Chapter 1

It was the end of summer break and the first day back at college, I had been studying business hoping to one day follow in my father's foot steps and be the owner of my own company. My father wasn't the head of a fortune 500 company he simply owned a landscaping business and owned a few properties, but as much as he did work he would always tell me it was worth it to be his own boss. That is what I had strived for! My older brothers Kyle and Jaxson had went from high school straight to working for him; however, I wanted something for myself, something I had created. Unfortunately, during the summer I had had a large decline in my mental health. Working full time and trying to balance a love life, friends, sports and still do well in school had become a bit much, I had been suffering from burn out, I knew I needed a break. Due to this I made the hard decision of taking a year out. I honestly felt like a failure all my friends and my boyfriend would always be in awe of how I would kick ass and do everything and have a smile on my face. What they didn't know was that I felt broken inside, I had told them that my father needed help back home so I would need to take a year out, honestly I couldn't bring myself to say my struggle out loud as I felt it would have shattered this illusion of this strong kick as girl they saw me as. Having to leave was hard enough without adding that hurt to it.

They had all surprised me with a goodbye party a few nights before, which was a lovely gesture and a wonderful send off, but it had confirmed to me I had made the right decision. I had had two crying fits in the bathroom that night just due to the feeling of being overwhelmed. I knew I should have said something but I didn't want anything to change or ruin anyone's fun.

My boyfriend Jack waited with me at the bus stop that morning outside the campus, he was so sweet to do so. I felt do luck to be with him. We stood in silence, I watched my peers hurrying to ridiculously early classes and freshman students looking excited just to be there. I remembered my first day, the nerves, the joy, the fear all over shadowed by my excitement.

"I really am going to miss you, Claire!"

He had a sadness in his eyes which broke my heart.

"I know baby, I will miss you like crazy! But my Dad needs me and I'll be back next year and plus we'll see each other at Thanksgiving."

He nodded and just embraced me, my face nestled into his neck, my cheek feeling the soft fibers of his sweater the faint smell of his cologne. It was musky and sweet. I opened my eyes, to see the bus over his shoulder and my heart dropped I really wished I could freeze time and hold on to that moment a little longer if only for a few seconds longer. He let me go and kissed the end of my nose.

"Make sure you text me when you're there. Okay?"

I promised took one more look at him and stepped on the bus. When I sat down I looked out to the campus one more time just to take in the neo classical buildings and Jack who was waving like an idiot. I giggled and waved back and then the bus started off. I watched Jack, taking him in as long as I could, his blond curls, his blue eyes and his attempt at a mustache. I was going to miss him but I knew this was the right thing for me.

The entire bus ride I spent going over the everything that led up to this only to conclude I simply over worked and under cared for myself. I felt myself spiraling down this hole of sadness I needed to calm myself so I popped in my ear buds and listened to some soft music, and focused on my breathing until eventually I feel asleep. I awoke in a sudden panic, thinking I had over slept and missed my stop. Thankfully there was still two more stops between me and home. I had gone to college in state; however it was long enough away for me to feel independent but close enough if anything happened.

The bus closed into the bus stop where I saw my father standing. My heart leaped out on my chest and once I got off the bus I ran to him and jumped into his arms. No matter my age I will always be daddy's little girl. He grabbed my bag and we walked to his truck, he throw my bad in the bed and off we went he was unusually silent. He was a man who could chat the ear off anyone, this made his silence all that more saddening.

"Claire... when you called me I was really scared. I didn't want to lose you like I did your mother. I'm happy you called and you are her with me."

"I'm really sorry dad, I know, and I am so sorry I let my health get so bad. I just need a break."

"I know my angel... I just worry."

It really hurt me seeing him so upset, this was my big strong dad. All I could do was kiss his cheek and reassure him. I knew I would be okay but I knew it was going to be a long road yet.

"Plus, I'll be around to help you!"

"About that Peanut, Jaxson's wife recently lost her job so I made her my full time receptionist to get them through. But I spoke to my old friend John at the High school and there is a part time post available at the office. That is if you want it?"

I was a bit hurt I wouldn't be around dad and my brothers but maybe part time would be better to get my head right.

"That sounds great, anyway I can always come up to the office and visit!"

"Very true! Once we are at home I'll call John and he said you can start in two days."

It seemed a bit soon but I was low on funds and my dad had enough to worry about.

"Sounds perfect!"

We pulled in and there it was our little home the place where we had so many memories. Me, Dad, Jaxon, Kyle and I never forget Mom. The small bushes still in the front garden Mom had planted years before. They had grown so much in the two years I was gone. All I wished was that that Mom was waiting at the door for me. It has been three years since she did the unthinkable. I was so angry and broken. But now all I wish is I could give her one last hug. I suppose that's why I took Jack in so much, you never really know when you will see a person for the last time.

I placed my bag on my old bed, nothing had been moved since I left for college. It was almost as if I had never left and the last two years was just an exhausting dream. Nevertheless I was home and I will take this time to just breath. I have my new job in a few days so I am just going to chill and give Jack a text.

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